Tips on Maintaining Credit Cards When Traveling So As Not to Be a Victims of Snatchers

Traveling has become part of people’s lifestyles in the modern era. People assume by traveling, the burden of the mind will disappear by itself so that the mind can be fresh, the body also feels like being born again and ready to move again.

In order for traveling to run smoothly and comfortably, there must be some equipment or equipment that needs to be carried. Besides clothes, cash is the most important thing during a trip, but in this day and age, most people prefer to carry credit cards. Because, in addition to being easy when making transactions and not having to worry about running out of money, travelers don’t want to bother to carry large amounts of cash.

However, any vacation spot is far from safe again. The rise of crime from irresponsible people such as the case of snatch that became a frightening specter for the traveler. Not a few of the snatchers use the arrival of travelers to cultivate the coffers of wealth. Well, here are some ways to keep credit cards safe while traveling.

Notifying the Traveling Plan to the Bank

Notifying the Traveling Plan to the Bank

Before traveling, it’s good to contact your bank and be informed about the planned traveling from destination, departure, up to how long it will spend time traveling. With this notification, the bank can monitor transactions from the credit card used.

If on vacation to the Netherlands, all transactions recorded will definitely come from the Netherlands. If there is a transaction that is not originally from the Netherlands, the bank can immediately identify the transaction and immediately cancel the transaction process so that the credit card remains secure.

Frequently Check Credit Card Transactions

Credit cards do become best friends when traveling. With this card, transactions can be done easily. But because of the convenience provided by a credit card, do not be embarrassed. It is better to check every transaction history often to find out about suspicious transactions.

Checking these transactions can be accessed through personal internet data to make it safer and avoid piracy of personal data. If you do not want to bother because you have to frequently check transactions, there is no harm in activating the credit card text notification feature to receive text messages every time a transaction is made.

Simply Bring One Credit Card 


The more credit cards you carry, the more satisfied you can shop. This is indeed true, but this will be detrimental when experiencing loss or becoming a victim of a wallet snatched on the way.

If you have this, of course, the situation of traveling will become chaotic. In addition to panic, you will also experience complexity when handling a new credit card after returning to the country.

Because credit cards are taken care of more than one. This means you have to spend extra time so that all matters relating to credit cards can be resolved immediately. In order to avoid these problems, it is better to just bring one credit card that is still far from the limit.

Pay Attention to Surrounding Situations 

Crimes can happen because there is an intention from the culprit and the opportunity to do so. Stay alert wherever you are, especially in crowded places like tourist spots that are prone to snatching or pickpockets.

So, every time you want to make a transaction with a credit card, it never hurts to always pay attention to the conditions around. It aims to more quickly find suspicious signs. If you do find someone or a group of people who are suspected of behaving suspiciously, immediately report to the local guard before causing casualties.

Touch the bag as often as possible

Touch the bag as often as possible

Actors of snatchers often launch their actions in the crowd of tourist attractions. The good thing is to be careful not to become a victim of irresponsible people. Check pockets, pants pockets or bags as often as possible to find out whether the goods stored in them are safe or not.

Avoid putting valuables, such as cellphones and wallets in the back pocket of pants. Because, in general, people who are traveling are often not aware when the back pocket of pants touched by someone else. That way, place valuables in the pocket of a trouser or a small bag that can be worn around the neck and always positioned facing forward. This is of course for the sake of safety and comfort when traveling.

Save Important Numbers

Make sure you have saved all important contacts on the cellphone, for example, the police, the bank in question and so on. If at any time you become a victim of snatching or things that are uncomfortable, you can immediately contact the contact and ask for help. So that problems experienced while traveling can be immediately resolved.

Avoid using free Wi-Fi

The existence of Wi-Fi, visitors can use as much as they want to do activities on their smartphone or laptop. For example, spending time with open social media. This is certainly no one prohibits, but it is not recommended to use Wi-Fi to check credit card transactions online or check the information that is related to personal financial data. It would be nice, use personal internet data because the city visited does not provide any guarantee that personal data relating to financial matters such as banks and so on can be safely protected.

Especially in the era of all-round technology like now, theft of personal data via an internet connection is increasingly easy to do. If you don’t want to be a victim of another person’s crime, be more careful when accessing the internet that involves credit cards.

Be Warier When Traveling

Increasing vigilance is very important, especially when visiting a crowded place or traveling. Because no one knows what kind of events will occur when traveling. To stay safe, protect all information relating to personal data to prevent misuse by irresponsible parties.

In addition, pay attention to the situation around every time you want to make a transaction with a credit card and store valuables in a safe place. This is in order to avoid mugging which can hurt yourself.